Master Sculptor, Model Maker, Pattern Maker, Mold Maker, Instructor, and Mechanics that apply to each.


Developing products in Plastics, Ceramics, Porcelain, Stone, Silicon, Epoxy, Resin, Latex, Vinyl and Metal.  Anthony has become the master of all disciplines.  Renowned for his workmanship in life like sculptors and noted for the original master pattern for the Barbie Doll tm.  

THE SCULPTOR & MODEL of the original
"Barbie Doll"----

The Sculptor and Creator of the original Barbie Doll from Mattel was

Anthony D. Bulone.

Lylis, Anthony's wife was the inspiration and Model of the original "Barbie" Design was born Aug. 23, 1930 Passed away Aug. 27, 1998 - She was 68.


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